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RMAF 2019 Day 2

Polk Audio L800 Speakers with SDA

ELAC Debut Reference Series Bookshelf Speakers

The HiFiGuides room hosted by ZReviews and DMS


  1. Hey guys, I made a lot of many selling Polk Audio in the 80’s (including SDA) So I understand the imaging. But what about the other aspects of these speakers? What did you think of their sound (tone, clarity, etc)?

    • Ron and I have been talking about the Polk loudspeakers since they returned. Aside from the imaging and soundstage depth/width which is phenomenal, they are very neutral sounding and very detailed. I’m more of “midrange warmth and tone” guy and Ron responded that they are amazingly transparent sounding but not “warm” in that way. They were also using an AVR (unless I read my notes wrong) to drive them and don’t seem like a very hard load. 85-86dB, 4 ohms. I’d love to hear them with the Schiit Aegir or a tube amplifier with 50-100 watts using EL34s or 6550s. We plan on a lot more coverage so keep on reading. Thanks for the comment. IW

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