ELAC Debut Reference Loudspeakers & DS-A101G WiFi Amplifier


At RMAF 2019, Andrew Jones discussed his new ELAC Debut Reference bookshelf speakers. which were powered by their DS-A101-G WiFi Streaming Integrated Amplifier. They are a lot more expensive than the older model that they are replacing, but the uptick in sound quality will silence all of the critics who might feel it’s now out of reach for those who really love the ELAC sound. It’s a more musical sounding loudspeaker; the ELAC Debut Reference should be on your shortlist if your budget is under $600.

The DS-A101-G WiFi Streaming Integrated Amplifier adds $750 to the price of this system, but there is a degree of optimization that makes a lot of sense here.

ELAC expects to start shipping in November.

Listen to our first impressions of the ELAC Debut Reference at RMAF 2019.

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