At RMAF 2019, Andrew Jones discussed his new ELAC Debut Reference bookshelf speakers. which were powered by their DS-A101-G WiFi Streaming Integrated Amplifier. They are a lot more expensive than the older model that they are replacing, but the uptick in sound quality will silence all of the critics who might feel it's now out of reach for those...
Pro-Ject X1 Turntablevideo
Pro-Ject is one of the leading manufacturers of audiophile turntables in the world; with two state-of-the-art facilities in Slovakia, and the Czech Republic that produce tables under the parent brand, and for OEM partners such as Music Hall. The brand has branched out into other categories including phono pre-amplifiers, DACs, streamers, and offers one of the most comprehensive selections...
Richard Schram Talks About Their New Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated at RMAF 2019 Watch this video on Joe N Tell's YouTube channel. While I was filming this, Phil Jackson, (not the former Lakers coach,) had the NewClassic 200 Integrated connected to some giant Tekton speakers. He was playing them loud! I commented that they were "bumping" them and they all laughed...
Watch the video on Joe N Tell's YouTube Channel The room at RMAF 2019 was the coolest experience by far. Second place wasn't even close. Nearly every other room, with a few exceptions, felt stuffy and boring in comparison. My favorite part was that trying out and touching the products was encouraged. I didn't need to ask anyone for...
Joey and I had a chance to film for Elac at RMAF 2019 where Andrew Jones discussed the NEW $499 Elac Reference Debut Audiophile Loudspeakers! Please follow us for the full video which will be out soon! Also, be sure to check out the podcast where we discuss our impressions of this new speakers from
RMAF 2019 Day 2 Podcast Thumbnail
Listen to the New Record Day Podcast on Anchor. RMAF 2019 Day 2 Polk Audio L800 Speakers with SDA ELAC Debut Reference Series Bookshelf Speakers The HiFiGuides room hosted by ZReviews and DMS
Polk Audio Legend Series
Polk Audio has been manufacturing loudspeakers for over 45 years, and the California-based company continues to plow ahead with innovative technology that is both forward-thinking but also respectful of the company's past. Those of us old enough to remember the aggressive marketing campaigns of the 1980s featuring Matthew Polk, have reason to smile with the announcement of the new...

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