Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom Wireless Loudspeaker


Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom

One of the biggest failings of high-end audio is that it has never figured out how to bridge the divide between electronics and industrial design in a way that would make “normal” people want to use it in their homes. High-end products are either old and boxy looking, or so far off the reservation that not even audiophiles would feel comfortable trying to explain it to the wife, kids, and family dog. French manufacturer, Devialet, is not a new name in audio la-la-land, but it has taken a very different approach with its Phantom Reactor wireless loudspeaker that looks like nothing else you’ve ever seen or heard.

Devialet has understood from the very beginning that they are selling an experience. They are not just selling audio equipment to people with deep pockets. Unlike 95% of the brands that they compete against, Devialet make the audition an experience in well-designed stores that allow you to get sucked into their ecosystem. Aside from the McIntosh Group who clearly understand what their customer base expects and delivers it in a world-class shopping experience, Devialet is all alone. You want to hear their amplifiers and range of loudspeakers. They are a destination.

The reality is that there are only a few brands capable of this; Focal/Naim, Sonos, Harman, and perhaps Sound United.

The Devialet Phantom Reactor is not a very large loudspeaker (think enlarged toaster), but what it does in the bass department can be unnerving to those who look at its design and wonder if it’s nothing more than an engorged Sonos.

Sonos has nothing on the Devialet Phantom Reactor. Night and day in almost every possible audio category that matters.

While not inexpensive, the Phantom Reactor on their matching three-legged stands that would make Charles Eames or Herman Miller blush, truly deserve their place in every modern home on the planet.

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