ELAC Adante Loudspeakers | Chapter 1: First Impressions


In Chapter 1 of the ELAC Adante, we discuss our first impressions!

Please stay tuned for Chapter 2: Sound Clips with Commentary which should be released this weekend/next week. Thanks so much for watching and remember to hit the thumbs up for the video! We appreciate it!

+++Gear used+++ Source: VPI Avenger, Dynavector 20x2l Macbook Pro/Roon/Qobuz Amplifier: Vinnie Rossi LIO/AVC Tubestage module https://www.vinnierossi.com/ LTA MZ3 and Ultra Linear Amplifier: https://www.lineartubeaudio.com/ NAD M10: https://nadelectronics.com/product/m1… DAC: Vinnie Rossi LIO https://www.vinnierossi.com/ Speaker cables: Audience http://audience-av.com/cables/

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