QED Launches Reference XT40i, and XT25 Bi-Wire Cables


If you look at the high prices of audio cables in 2019; especially in a world that is evolving towards wireless connectivity, it’s easy to understand why non-audiophiles question the sanity of those of us who are willing to spend $1,000 on a pair of loudspeaker cables, or $500 on a single power cord. QED is one brand that would happen to agree with the skeptics who see very little merit in mega-buck cables.

Even those of us who have tried 20-30 brands over the years and can clearly identify the “house” sound of specific products have to admit that prices have grown out of control. Audio cables do make a difference. They just don’t need to cost more than the gear you are connecting them to — we find that slightly confusing as well.

QED doesn’t refresh their cable line-up every six months with new models touting some questionable science, but they do offer some of the best budget loudspeaker cables that we’ve tried in a very long time. The XT25 is a remarkably good loudspeaker cable for less than $100 (6-foot pair) and for most people, it’s better than anything that they have probably tried.

Not to spoil the party, but the brand new QED Reference XT40i are even better and still a great bargain. $160 for a terminated 3m pair. Borscht!

An update to 2014’s classic, award-winning XT40 speaker cable, the XT40i features several technological upgrades to further enhance its best-in-class premium performance.

QED’s extensive research has uncovered the importance of cable dielectric (insulation) in optimising the sonic performance of a cable. The XT40i has improved on an already successful cable by designing a groundbreaking Air Gap ™ dielectric construction. This technology reduces the cable’s dissipation factor and capacitance by half, resulting in vastly improved musical timing, a wider soundstage and improved bass control over its predecessor.

QED’s innovative proprietary X-Tube™ technology means the XT40i exhibits less distortion at high frequencies than standard speaker cables, improving overall performance through a level of timing and imaging usually found on much more expensive cables.

Elsewhere XT40i’s huge 4.0mm² cross sectional area lowers loop resistance, while its 99.999% oxygen-free copper construction offers improved conductivity over standard copper. These characteristics reduce listener fatigue and boost musicality, making longer listening sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

The XT25 has always been a great value for the money, but it was never available in a bi-wire configuration. It is now.

This new bi-wire version delivers enhanced rhythmic accuracy and musicality with the X-Quad geometry lowering inductance to reveal more detail. QED’s proprietary X-Tube X-Tube™ technology, enables each frequency to pass with equal ease for a more balanced sound, while improving timing and stereo imaging.

Elsewhere, a 99.999% Oxygen-free copper construction increases conductivity for a purer sound, while a low-loss, low density Polyethylene jacket minimises electrical energy loss in the cable insulation which can adversely effect the sound compared with cheaper PVC alternatives. The result is the single most impressive pound-for-pound upgrade your system you can have.

For more information:http://www.qacoustics.com

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