Joe N Tell Podcast Episode 007 – The cancelled podcast and lessons from my trip to Minnesota

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The cancelled podcast.
What happened.

My trip to Minnesota
Uncle’s Bose & Echo Dot Setup.
Klipsch KG 2.2 Standmount speakers
Sony Receiver, CD Changer, Equalizer
Lots of CD’s
Changed to SMSL AD18 (Stays on) Low power consumption
Sounded great in large space
Able to keep CD input and Bluetooth from phone
Bought a 2 channel switcher for outdoor speakers
Ordered taller stands, tech flex

Some people like music: my aunts just being agreeable?
Aunt and Mom listening till 2am
Telling everyone who came by about their new system and to listen in the sweet spot
Uncle came home and was amazed.
Doctor, high stress, comes home and just listens to music for hours

I ended up optimizing his home theater setup in the basement
Setup the Logitech Harmony Remote
We bought some ELAC B6.2’s

Things I learned:
Effects of reflectiveness and high ceilings (hard to get good imaging)
Basement (overdampened by thick carpet) sounds dull/dead
It’s hard to make things simple

I visited Stereoland

The Pioneer FS52’s came in.
Wall of sound.
Imaging is amazing.
Bass needs a boost, but good.
Can’t go as loud as the ELAC F5.2’s.
Not as crisp as ELAC.

*I used the FX-Audio TUBE-01 with Marantz receiver from 70’s plus Pioneer FS52’s. Magical.