These Vanatoo Transparent One Encore speakers can do many things and they do them well. Let's look at some of the components these can replace. Power Amplifier Preamp with Tone Control DSP Controller Active/Passive Crossovers DAC Speaker Cable(s) Power Cable Bluetooth Receiver Some Bulkier Bookshelf Speakers Sound Bar Rick Kernen and Gary Gesellchen are the owners and creators of Vanatoo. They're some of the nicest guys I've met in HiFi....
###Kanto YU6, YU4, and SUB6 *All speakers in this review were provided as review samples from Kanto.* ##Overview Here’s what I’ll talk about in the video: > Pricing + Specs > Usecases > Speaker Stands > Subwoofer + Subwoofer Specs > YU6 Specs > Phono Preamp > Stands > Sound Signature > Comparisons with Fluance and Micca > Subwoofer Setup > Negatives > Positives > Final Thoughts ##Summary of Video I picked a pair of YU4 for...

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