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This is a review of these Focal Stellia headphones. We have to start with the unboxing experience which reminds me of when I got my Leica X1 camera. The box itself is leather-wrapped and looks like a squared-off basketball. The weight of the products kept the box from lifting off when lifting the top. Those are the details you pay...
1More Stylish True Wireless IEMs
It’s getting progressively harder to keep up with all of the new wireless IEMs being introduced into the marketplace, and while a plethora of choice is almost always a win for consumers because it helps drive down prices and forces manufacturers to actually innovate and not copy, that doesn’t mean one should leap just because they can. Bluetooth-enabled IEMs...
Headphones have become a commodity. There are hundreds of manufacturers making similar looking and sounding products all over the globe; consumers spent a few billion dollars on headphones in Q1 2019 which has the bean counters all excited. Wireless headphones are experiencing the fastest level of growth and that’s only going to increase, but what about the consumer who...

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