Dali KATCH ONE Soundbar: Anyone want to catch a movie?


Does the world really need any more soundbars? We were hoping that consumers were finally getting over that and thinking about investing in a dedicated 5.1 surround system again. But we would be wrong. Very wrong. Consumers are deeply committed to their soundbars for a number of good reasons in 2019 — cost, they sound better now, cost, and because they take up very little space. Dali has been manufacturing some of the best affordable loudspeakers in the world for a few decades but it has taken them awhile to enter the space. The $999 Dali KATCH ONE soundbar is now available and if it sounds anything like the Zensor or Opticon range  of loudspeakers, this might be a soundbar to take seriously.

The KATCH ONE features 10 drivers (6 active, 4 passive) and is designed to work well with both movies and music.

From the press release:

“For ease of hookup, DALI KATCH ONE offers a wide selection of inputs, ranging from HDMI, 2 x Optical, Analog and also includes Bluetooth (AAC and aptX) enabling the KATCH ONE to connect to any TV or audio system. The user can use the included remote handset to control every aspect of the KATCH ONE, or they can connect to their TV via HDMI (CEC) and simply use the TV remote to regulate the volume of the KATCH ONE.

With several smart and elegant solutions for wall mounting or tabletop placement siting, the KATCH ONE will integrate perfectly with virtually any TV setup and is flexible and easy to install. The leather strap wall mount with built-in cable management completes the unique look of the soundbar. The rear wall mount offers a sleek and elegant mounting solution, and where space is limited. If wall mounting is not practical the included feet make it possible to stand the soundbar on a shelf or furniture top, etc. .

With the KATCH ONE, DALI is introducing an elegant and exciting Soundbar, with high-quality audio reproduction, two unique sound modes, multiple mounting solutions and a range of connections that leaves no audio device behind. Available in Iron Black, Ivory White and Mountain White finishes, the KATCH ONE will match most TVs, and the unique visual design ensures that the KATCH ONE will stand out without stealing the picture.”

The Dali KATCH ONE includes a LFE output to connect an external subwoofer if you feel the bass is lacking.

Key Features:
• Ten built-in drivers- two soft dome tweeters with active and passive drivers
• Dedicated 4 X 50 watt digital amplifiers for total of 200 watts
• Utilizes DSP control of active crossover to maximize performance
• Wide array of wired and wireless connections- can connect to virtually any system and associated equipment.
• Two unique listening modes- Focus and Wide
• Remote handset included- with HDMI connection it can control TV volume.

For more informationhttps://www.dali-speakers.com/news/news/2019/eisa-awards-2019-2020/