After twenty years of reviewing consumer electronics, I have developed a healthy degree of skepticism when it comes to audio tweaks. Having tried dozens of devices over the years; ranging from power line conditioners, cleaning products, acoustic treatment, cable cradles, vibration platforms, feet, cones, and magic lotions – I’m not sure that more than a handful came close to...

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MartinLogan MasterPiece CI In-Wallvideo

MartinLogan Masterpiece CI, MDA8 & MDA16 at CEDIA 2019

MartinLogan unveiled a new range of flagship in-wall loudspeakers at CEDIA 2019, and the next generation Motion series. The Masterpiece CI 40XW retail for...
1More Stylish True Wireless IEMs

1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

It’s getting progressively harder to keep up with all of the new wireless IEMs being introduced into the marketplace, and while a plethora of...

CSS-Audio Criton 2TD Review | Chapter 4: Testing and Measurements with New Record Day

Ron from tackles testing and measuring in Chapter 4, for the CSS-Audio Criton 2TD Audiophile Loudspeaker. Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Purchase the...