The Daily HiFi



Anyone who doesn’t think the dust brothers are amazing can’t sit with me. 

Naughty by Nature


Jackson 5 sample. Solid hook. check. ARM ME WITH HARMONY! 

Herbie Hancock

Maiden Voyage

Before the funk freakout, solid jazz from Hancock.

The Flamin’ Groovies

High Flyin’ Baby

Tennage Head was a great record that got overlooked. That’s too bad because there are some really great songs on it.

Beth Orton

Thinking About Tomorrow

Well craft song form an unsong giant of 90s pop.

The Clash

Rudie Can’t Fail

Bo Diddly riff by way of Jamaican rocksteady. The Clash raided rock and roll history like few other acts.

Crazy Town


Some guilty pleasures die hard. I have been know to whisper along to this when they pipe it into safeway when I’m shopping.


The Shaky Hands

Summer’s Life

Some times you just want stomp your feet and clap along. I got this as a promo I found a free bin at local record store. I ripped it and then sold the promo to another record store for some big time coin. Anyhow, great song.



Stupid Girl

Butch Vig is a genius!